The Common Question

One of the most common questions regarding online slots is whether they are pre-determined or not. In case they are pre-determined, any spinning or picking is just a cover-up for a result that is already decided. Many gamblers are not fans of this aspect. Given the intensity of this question, this article seeks to find answers and give a clear picture of what actually happens on online slots. Gamblers also ask if RNG is used in determining the outcome of certain events. Many online casinos like have a provision for slot games. In fact, you won't miss out on your favorite slot game on online casinos.

Are They Predetermined?

When playing online slots, you may notice that if a slot machine rests, or in case there is a power interruption, you will still get the same spin results and choices. This is the same case when there is an issue that forces your bonus to recover and restart. The result is almost the same after an interruption. Consequently, many gamblers see this as a result of being pre-determined. Actually, by design, slot machines should track the exact point of interruption and resume. This prompts them to go back exactly where you left. It is, therefore, the nature of online slots.

The reason behind this aspect is very simple— if gamblers knew they could restart a slot game and get better results by causing a disruption, they could be manipulating the game occasionally. Some slot game manufacturers have a way of replaying the bonus, so for handpays, they can show off what exactly happened to attract clients. As a player, believing that online slots are pre-determined can significantly hurt your gameplay. The common myth that slot machines shouldn't resume from where they left after an interruption is false. Approach a game with the mentality that the game is fair and straightforward.

Before the law, predetermining the outcome of online slots is illegal. Most states have stringent regulations against cheating in online casino games. A few online casinos have had their licenses revoked after cases of cheating. As a gambler, you need to work with an online casino that has got a good reputation. Do thorough research about an online casino before playing. You can also check online reviews for ratings. Today, many online casinos offer slot games, and not all of them are genuine. Therefore, you should ensure that you play with a well-established online casino or a land-based one.

When a Bonus is Predetermined

You need to have an open mind when playing online casino slots. When it comes to Bingo Machines, for example, the bingo game determines all the payouts. This includes bonuses and real game slots. Basically, everything else is just window dressing. Another good example of pre-determined games is Historic Horse Racing Machines. In this case, the outcome of a payout is determined by the horse race under race. In that case, the bonus is is already determined since the payout is already decided. These are some of the games that gamblers should be very careful and cautious when playing.

  • Historic Horse Racing Machines
  • Bingo Machines

In most cases, game manufacturers prefer not to share these details too often about whether online slots are pre-determined or not. For gamblers, here is a way you are more likely to know if a slot game is predetermined. When you pick bonuses that don't show other possible outcomes, chances are the game is pre-determined. The general game rule requires that all the possible outcomes of the game are shown. Always check out for these traits and prepare accordingly. Playing a pre-determined game can not only be costly but challenging. Always beware of this type of games and avoid them!

Last modified: 23 July 2021